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There is no news.

That is all.

I got a new tablet!

Comics will be pretty(ish) again!!

Dear Tablet pen

Dear Tablet pen,
These last few weeks have not been the same. You've been lost. Where, I cannot say, otherwise you probably wouldn't be lost.
Drawing is not the same, it takes time and is really weird to do on a laptop pad. I miss being able to draw hair and use the pressure sensitivity you have. I miss having legible writing on my comics, and most of all, I miss drawing on Facebook graffiti walls.
Please come back, the tablet is lonely without you.

Drawing Ablity

I just want to make sure that you're quite aware I can actually draw.

Like, I'm really not this shitty in real life. The point of the art is to be bad. Hence the name BAD art comics.

One of my favorite drawings that's on the internet.

So I reeeeeaaaallly don't want you to judge how I can draw by a comic that's labeled as BAD ART.



That is all.

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